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Slippery Rock’s VillageFest… Lots To See, Do, Hear…

Isaac Cole
Isaac Cole

Slippery Rock Development wants to continue the success of Slippery Rock’s VillageFest by keeping things relatively the same as previous year.

Bill Sonntag, Slippery Rock Development president, said in front of the media there will be a lot of fun and games for kids and plenty of entertainment for visitors of all ages.

“I think it’s a pretty standard operation,” Sonntag said. He added that it helps that he also has a lot of experienced help.

“A lot of the volunteers are the same year after year,” he said. “If you’ve been doing the same job, you just show up at 6 o’clock Saturday morning and get to work.”

Sonntag said the event will still have the cornhole tournament and rides and games for children.

“We’ve always had a lot of folks bring their kids for that,” he said.

Tom McPherson, the event organizer and member of Slippery Rock Development, said they have invited local singer Isaac Cole to perform again this year.

“We had him here last year,” McPherson said. “He was quite good and everybody liked him.”

Cole will be performing locally for what could be the last time before he moves to Nashville in October.

McPherson said in addition Cole, organizers are also bringing back the petting zoo.

“We haven’t had it for two or three years,” he said.

McPherson said there will be plenty of new experiences, too. He said five of the seven games will be different from last year. There will be some new performers who will accompany Cole, including Junction PA and the Midnight Blue Band.

Visitors will also find a balloon artist and a contortionist, and food-wise, a lot of new vendors, including Pittsburgh’s new Wahlburgers, signed up this year.

McPherson said the event has garnered a lot of attention, especially on social media on Facebook.

“(This event) brings people into town that normally aren’t here. It gives an opportunity for family and friends of SRU students to come to town and spend some time with their sons or daughters. It brings exposure to the community,” McPherson said.

For more information, please visit here and/or here. The event’s FB could be accessed here.