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Slippery Rock Plumber Charged With Forgery


Michael Churilla of Slippery Rock is facing charges of forgery, theft by unlawful taking and receiving stolen property from a Nov. 24 incident at a Mercer Street residence.

On Nov. 24 officers from the New Castle Police Department spoke with the victim in regards to an altered check.

The victim informed police that on Oct. 19 a check was provided to Churilla, owner of Lead Construction in Slippery Rock, after he had performed plumbing work at the victim’s residence.

The victim stated a check was written to Churilla in the amount of $400 as a down payment. The victim said the check was given to Churilla and he told the victim he would cash it at the credit union when he left.

The victim said that on Nov. 21 the check written to Churillo had been cashed in the amount of $900 on Oct. 19 at SRU Federal Credit Union. The victim obtained a copy of the check and found the amount had been altered from $400 to $900.

The victim provided police with a copy of the check, that was believed to have been signed by Churilla.

The victim also provided a proposal written by Churilla in which he stated he agreed to accept a $400 down payment from the victim.

When the victim contacted Churilla on Nov. 22 in reference to the check, the victim said Churilla said one of his employees who has a gambling problem altered the check. However, Churilla would not give the name of the employee.

According to the affidavit of probably cause, the check was deposited on the same day it was given to Churilla, and the victim said Churilla was working along at her house with no other employee assisting him.

The victim said Churilla agreed to pay back the victim $500, but has failed to do so and made excuses on why he is unable to pay back the victim at this time.