Metis Secure Solutions Launches


    Today Metis Secure Solutions, the pioneer and leader in IP-Based live two-way voice beacon notification solutions announced it has launched

    “We are excited about the launch and now extend our patented notification beacon products and services with a strong focus to serve K-12 and Higher-Ed organizations,” said Howard Ryan, CEO Metis Secure Solutions Inc. delivers emergency notification, communications, and management systems that help you respond much more quickly and effectively in an emergency.

    “The Metis Secure system is a huge enhancement to our emergency notification plan. We didn’t have the ability to send messages to people in specific locations on campus. This targeted approach allows us to communicate to those individuals in need without alarming everyone else on campus, not affected by a situation.” said Rita Abent, Executive Director at University Public Relations Slippery Rock University.

    “It has been over 60 years since we have lost students due to a fire in U.S. schools thanks to Fire Alarms. Break the glass press the button. Location based Services saves lives. When lives are at stake, seconds count. Location based services provide actionable intelligence real-time. Over 90% of our schools nationwide do not have an alert system that leverages location based services or panic buttons properly if at all” added Ryan.

    About Metis Secure Solutions

    Metis Secure develops advanced emergency communications and notification systems that help organizations respond to emergencies much more rapidly and effectively. Metis Secure users include manufacturing and research facilities, universities and schools, commercial office buildings, large parking garages, and others. In a crisis, fast, effective emergency communications can make the difference between a relatively contained event and a major catastrophe that includes multiple injuries or loss of life, destruction of assets, and a public relations disaster. For more information, please visit here.