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Learning Programs For Retirees


There is still time to sign up for a series of learning programs designed for senior citizens at Slippery Rock University.

“It actually started out with the idea that there were many of the professors who retired from the university and found themselves with little to do and a lot of knowledge that they were still willing and able to share,” Vice President for the Institute for Learning in Retirement Steve Cicero said.

The first classes of the spring semester begin next Monday, March 19 at the Fowler Building in downtown Slippery Rock. Classes will involve a wide variety of topics, including local connections to the Underground Railroad and aviation history.

This is a membership–based organization open to anyone who is interested in learning, including those who are not members or not even retired. But, according to Institute member Tom Call, there are advantages to joining.

“There’s extra privileges to membership. You can take more classes. It’s not expensive. It’s an opportunity to meet people who have similar interests to yours and you even have privileges at the Slippery Rock University library,” he said.

Catalogs with course offerings have been mailed out and are also available by phone at 7247381604 or by e-mail to info@ilretirement.org.