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Galentine’s Day Celebrates Female Friendships


Today is Galentine’s Day.

It is a national holiday that has been growing in popularity the last few years. The idea was born out of a popular TV show, NBC’s Parks and Recreation starring Amy Poehler, and is a day celebrated by ladies for ladies.

It always falls on Feb. 13 – the day before Valentine’s Day. Since its inception in 2010, the holiday has grown in appeal and is now celebrated all over the world.

It is so popular you can now get Galentine’s Day cards and gifts in local stores.

Cindy LaCom – Director of the Gender Studies Program at Slippery Rock University – says many think of Galentine’s Day as a fun, pop culture holiday but it can be more than that to some.

“It’s very affirming in terms of women and friendships,” LaCom said in an interview. “(The main character in Parks and Rec) decides to have a Galentine’s Day because she feels Feb. 14 excludes people. People are miserable on that day, and it’s a very heteronormative holiday. Historically, Valentine’s Day has said that if you’re not straight, that you somehow don’t have a place. And that’s a problem.”

LaCom says with what’s happening in our world today, the idea to celebrate friendships is now more important than ever.

“In a very transitional time, where romantic relationships are often unstable but friendships are often at the heart of our social world and our emotional life, friendship is often what sustains us,” LaCom said.

In simple terms, she says Galentine’s Day is a day meant to celebrate female friendship.