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SRU Student Life Saved By Fellow Classmates & 911


A 911 call was heard in late March for a student at the Slippery Rock University whose heart just stopped. Frantzi Schaub was in full cardiac-arrest when the initial 911 call was made. With Schaub being in acting class, they thought he was playing a good role. He ran down the aisle, and just collapsed in front of everyone. A student recognized his hand was cramping up, which is a sign of oxygen deprivation to the brain.

Students began to conduct CPR on Schaub as campus police started to be dispatched.

Schaub was in V-Fib, which is when you heart is in a flutter. Police officers used an AED to stop his heart, and theoretically reset it.

Later in a hospital, Schaub was later diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomypathy, a serious heart condition. Once diagnosed, surgery took place a few days later, and he was back to class within 1 week of being absent.