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Mother Overdoses, Child Found Wandering Housing Projects


A 5-year-old boy is safe after wandering alone around a New Castle housing project.

According to police, a neighbor had the boy for two days, but did not call 911.

Police do not know why she did not, but said she did hand him over when she saw emergency officials in the area.

Police said Holly Zarlingo, who was revived at a hospital after being found behind a New Castle home in the Grant Street housing complex, told them she was doing heroin before she passed out Friday.

According to the criminal complaint, once she was taken to the hospital, Zarlingo was extremely uncooperative and would only tell police she used heroin and provided no information about what happened.

Zarlingo, of Slippery Rock, is charged with endangering the welfare of a child. She does not have a criminal history.